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How to Overcome Self-Love Blockages with the help of NLP

Updated: Jan 3

Quite often all that appears in us in the form of negativity (be it emotions, behavior,

or ailments) is highly connected with how we think. Hence, basically, our self-limiting

beliefs have a quite long past. Our entire disposition stands on childhood and social

experiences, we usually start associating with as we grow older. However, there is

something that is beyond identification, esteem, confidence, and ego; it is our acceptance of ourselves. Oftentimes, we are quite hard on ourselves and do not love ourselves as much as we need to. We waste a great deal of time, emotions, and energy to please others so that we can feel valued. This all could be saved if only we

can love ourselves a bit and let us release those self-love blockages.

How NLP can help you remove self-love blockages?
  • Remove low vibrations

In comparison to radiating inner confidence and self-belief, this low vibrational

thinking is likely to look less desirable or attractive to others. As a result, you are less

likely to attract real love. It's crucial to highlight that we all have moments of

self-doubt, and it's perfectly natural in moderation. However, allowing these beliefs to

take hold and create your inner personality can severely limit your potential to

discover love.

  • Do not take anything personally

To avoid taking anything personally, simply begin to train yourself to maintain a

certain amount of separation. Detachment is essential in dating since love

disappointment is a crippling experience for many individuals. It can even prevent

you from going on dates in the first place. It may even prevent you from ever

meeting the one who truly desires you.

  • Identify the inner critic and stop listening to it

Identifying the critic inside you will assist you in moving away from viewing it as fact

or your own point of view. It will enable you to distinguish and oppose its damaging

commands. Remember that letting go of your inner critic is letting go of an old

identity, which, while unpleasant, can be comforting in its familiarity. Breaking away

from this criticism will cause worry, but it will be a war worth winning. Pushing

through the anxiousness and constantly disputing your inner critic will help you to

discover and become your authentic self.

  • Set boundaries

Establishing and maintaining your own limits will bring you a little closer to self-love.

It is critical that you understand what kind of people or behaviours you will not

tolerate and that you do not compromise on this. When you begin to establish your

self-worth and refuse to settle for less than you deserve, you will begin to reject

people with bad intentions and attract those who want to love you.

These tried and tested steps followed by NLP practitioners will surely assist you in

letting go of the inner critic and you will start accepting yourself even more. Even you

can take professional help as well if loving yourself is becoming a great hurdle. After

all, there can be no love as great as self-love.

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