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Live Session on Self Worth & Your Inner Magnificence

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

The fact that “you are made up of the same elements that stars are made up of” is

enough to make you feel special yet a bigger segment of life feels not similar to the

universe and galaxies. No matter how spiritually elevated you grow, certain low

vibrations are unavoidable in life. There will be times when you will feel not pretty,

handsome, desired, rich, or capable. Even if you have overcome all your previous

issues, life will throw new insecurities and in time, self-worth will work as a shield. It

says “Learn-Unlearn-Relearn” is the modern definition of intelligence, and here we

want you to relearn the definition of success. It is “Self Love”, that’s why you need to

take part actively in a live session on self-worth and your inner magnificence with

Karishma Gautam.

What is self-worth?

The internal sensation of being good enough and worthy of affection and

connection from ourselves is known as self-worth. Self-worth is sometimes mistaken

with identity, which is defined by external criteria such as triumphs and

accomplishments and can be uneven, causing somebody to feel unworthy.

What is inner magnificence?

What can this beautiful term that is made up of two strong words possibly mean?

Yes, theoretically you are right. It’s about the infinite magnificence you already have

inside you and how you need to honour your life by acknowledging it. Yet, spiritually

it is quite a complex aspect that will simplify your life. If you are looking to

understand inner magnificence on a deeper level, do join the live session on

self-worth and your inner magnificence. A single interaction will make you feel free

from the burdens you were carrying for months, years, and decades.

Tips of embracing self-worth and inner magnificence

● Be free to walk from toxicity

There will be numerous reasons for poor self-worth in a person's lifespan. Some of

them are avoidable, while others are unavoidable. Avoid whatever is causing your low

self-worth if you can. Take care of your mental health by avoiding stressful life events

and removing toxic individuals from your life.

● Be your own kind of beautiful and unique

Accept yourself for who you are, not who you think you should be or what someone

else thinks you should be. You're a unique individual. Unleash your individuality. You'll

come upon one. We all have unique qualities, skills, and personalities that set us

apart. We rarely have a clear picture of our abilities. Accepting how diverse and

unique we may be is the most difficult thing we can accomplish in life.

● Say goodbye to shame

Shame is frequently associated with remorse, whether it stems from something you

did or was indicated by someone else. A cycle of ashamed sentiments about oneself

might last a lifetime. When you realise that feeling happy is your genuine nature,

human nature operates in the most honourable manner. To feel wonderful, respect

your value. Make decisions that promote the core of happiness. Better eating,

sleeping when you're exhausted, and setting aside time to be in nature can all help

you shed the shame's shroud.

If you are looking for experiencing the magic of inner magnificence in a true manner

join the live session on self-worth and inner magnificence with Karishma Gautam


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