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What this audio program will do for you


Hypnosis is not mind control. It will just put you in a relax state of mind. This powerful hypno-meditation program combines hypnotic suggestions and hypnosis to have you feeling more calm, comfortable, and empowered about yourself, in addition to the regular mental advantages that relaxing gives. Accepting and understanding where we are, what is going on, and seeking true forgiveness for ourselves and others is a vital first step. This stage has a tremendous amount of force in propelling the healing into the subsequent levels. 


Overcoming Procrastination hypnosis is an audio program that encourages you to take any necessary action in your life without delaying or putting things off. It works with your conscious and unconscious mind allowing you to release any painful, blocked emotions and gets to the bottom of what is holding you back in life.


  • Do you keep delaying and putting things off in life? 
  • Do you often miss opportunities in your life and/or career that can help you grow? 
  • Do you think you make poor decisions because you delayed them for too long? 
  • Is your reputation getting tarnished because you promised to do certain tasks and then didn't do as you procrastinated? 
  • Do you often keep missing deadlines as you put off the task till the last minute? 


If you said ;yes; to any of the above questions, this audio program would be ideal for you. 



  •    Feel more empowered, confident and excited about life. 
  •     Release emotions that are holding you back in life. 
  •     Take action towards your dreams. 



  •  Women who wants to empower themselves.
  •  Women who wants to learn the tools and concepts to improve their mindset. 
  •  Women who are ready to release fearful, anxious emotions. 
  •  Women who are ready to live a joyous, fulfilling life.
  • Women who are ready to create their life whatever they want it to be. 


I propose sitting in a comfortable and peaceful location, wearing headphones (if possible), informing others around you that you will be unavailable for around half an hour and that they should not bother you unless an emergency arises.


Listen to it as often as you want, specially when you are wanting to delay important tasks about anything and remember that we all create our own reality. Your thoughts and beliefs attracts the situations in your life. So if you are not happy with your external world, focus on changing your inner world first. 

Overcoming Procrastination

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