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You have the power to be able to manifest everything you ever dreamed of.  

You have the power to claim what is your birthright- an abundance of love, energy, purpose, connection, wealth and health. Just like all the women in this book.  


Get ready to meet 21 incredible women who have manifested their ultimate desires. Get absorbed into their worlds as they share their challenges, their lessons, their doubts. Watch the magic unfold as they command their wildest dreams into their current realities.  


As you watch and learn from women who have already taken that journey, you will be inspired and filled with a new level of belief. This will give you the courage, clarity and wisdom needed for you to open up a whole new world for yourself.


As you delve into the journeys of these strong, powerful women from all over the globe, you’ll see that their realities were not always rosy. They have each faced their individual challenges, rejection, loss, self-doubt heartbreak and utter devastation and they have managed to overcome all of this to create their dream lives.  


You will get to understand that no circumstance or external influence has the power to stop you from being able to manifest your dream life. You will learn that regardless of your upbringing, your past experiences and the choices you’ve made up to now that you get to choose what happens next.  


Just like the 21 women you are about to meet… you too can become a Manifesting Queen.

Physical Book - Manifesting Queen

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  • Once you place your order, the book will be posted by Australia Post as soon as possible, ideally within 2 business days. 

    I will email you the tracking number through which you can track the status of the post and when you can expect to receive your delivery. 

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